The app which helps people feel sounds

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Thanks to the smartphone in your pocket, the hears app will help you anywhere

Easy to use

Just record the sounds and turn on the listening feature

No hardware required

Not necessary to install additional devices or other expensive equipment besides a smartphone

Free trial version

You can always try the Hears app for the first month free

Add and categorize your sounds

The Hears app detects many sounds like doorbells, washing machines, microwaves, kettles etc. You won’t miss the pizza guy anymore.


Record samples in an easy way

Recording the sound is very easy using only one convenient step. You don’t need to use any additional hardware. The smartphone is all you need.

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Feel the sound

Turn on the listening feature then put your phone on the table. The app will wait to receive the sound then notify you in a convenient way using vibration. If you don't like to keep your phone in your pocket - you can use a smart band paired with your phone.


Download Hears

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